Signal Communication Systems offers Two Way Radios for most on-site coverage solutions.

Signal Communication Systems offers Two Way Radios for most on-site coverage solutions.

Two Way Radio Systems

Two-way radio remains a great option for many businesses and campus environments due to its one-time cost, simplicity and durability.  Private two way radio systems can be designed to cover one to ten miles. Signal has provided many valley businesses and schools with two-way radio systems since 1986.  We have the experience to quickly assess your needs and provide the working solution.

RCA Communications Systems

Featuring one of the best in the industry warranties, RCA Communications Systems offers a full line of Land Mobile and Marine radios.  We offer several of the most popular models here.  They come complete with radio, battery, charger, antenna, belt clip, hand strap and user manual….and programmed to your channel(s).

Product FCC Licensing (USA)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates most forms of electronic transmission in the United States, including two-way radio, and wireless. All of these require licensing of some sort come pursuant to criteria determined by the FCC and legislatorsWhile most licensed operators qualify under commercial use, individuals may also require FCC approval of ham and two-way radio even if transmission occurs for personal use. All UHF transmission needs a license, while VHF stations with more than 250 watts also require a permit.
Any communications occurring within the United States and its possessions may be subject to FCC regulation, in addition to international transmission that passes through, begins or ends in the U.S. This complies with the agency's mandate of preventing "hogging" of available bandwidth, enabling fair competition and promoting diversity of transmission. Transmitting without a license is a federal offense, and not knowing whether you required licensing to begin with can't be used as a defense. Processing times for applications vary, although most take a minimum of two weeks, so avoid deploying equipment before your license arrives.
Customer understands that it is solely the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all proper licensing and permits are obtained prior to the installation and usage of any licensed equipment purchased through this site is used. RCA Communications Systems can assist Customers in obtaining such licenses upon request. Contact RCA Communications Systems Customer Service for more details and pricing.


Other Brands And Accessories

Through our dealer network Signal can also source most other brands, Parts and accessories with very competitive pricing. We are happy to quote OEM or aftermarket products to fit each clients needs and budget.